Lizbeth Congiusti is thrilled to return to the the Holiday Storyfest stage. She found Storytelling after many years. By a sheer stroke of luck, she found three lines in the Arizona Republic advertising a Storytelling Event.  She said luck, because her husband had a terrible habit of keeping old newspapers around and she would often read about concerts and other local events weeks after they took place. After attending her first storytelling event she was hooked.

Growing up in a family of five, the dinner table was always filled with stories of the day. What happened at school, work, and in the neighborhood. As a child, Lizbeth fondly remembers her grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins sitting around the dining table sharing life stories. Oftentimes the stories were not to be heard by children—that made them all the more intriguing.

Life stories tell us a lot about who we are. Most importantly they can help us move on to accept the new challenges we face. Looking back on our past challenges helps us realize how resilient we are.

There is nothing we can’t face; a good story can help us realize how strong we truly are.