Joyce M. Baker, Ph.D., is the founder and co-owner of ANZENCyber, an information and cyber security consulting firm. Storytelling and narrative help companies create a security- and privacy-aware culture by making the complex topics of information security more meaningful and relevant to employees. Joyce has been a leader in training and development for more than 30 years with an emphasis, for much of her career, on cross-cultural communication competence and management communication. With a doctorate in Intercultural Communication from Arizona State University, she has provided training and development services to a wide range of organizations, including colleges and universities, U.S. government agencies, and private sector businesses across a variety of topics. As a fluent, heritage speaker of Japanese, growing up in Hawaii and living in Japan, Joyce has developed a deep understanding of the linguistic and cultural dynamics of Pacific Island and Asian communities. She is excited to share stories that promote learning and connect people to one another.