Author Rules & Guidelines

KJZZ Arizona Storyfest

Mesa Convention Center– Building C
Saturday, June 1, 2019
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Rules for the KJZZ Arizona Storyfest. Friends of Public Radio Arizona (FPRAZ) and KJZZ staff reserve the right to accept or reject any author/vendor and to interpret and enforce all rules.


All materials distributed or sold must be original works of the author.


Authors/vendors selling books or other products are responsible for processing their own sales and following all state and local policies regarding collecting and remitting sales tax. Bonny Books has offered to sell books on the behalf of authors using their distributor’s tax license. Arrangements are made solely between Bonny Books and the author using the consignment form in the registration process.

Download Bonny Books Consignment Agreement

Assignment of Space

The KJZZ event producer shall assign space at its sole discretion. KJZZ reserves the right to change the floor plan or move authors to another location on the floor prior to the event. Further, if KJZZ should be prevented from holding the event by a cause beyond its control, KJZZ staff reserves the right to alter location and/or dates of the event with reasonable notice provided to authors/vendors. KJZZ has the right to cancel the show with no further liability than a refund of the rental fee.

Assumption of Risk

Authors/vendors expressly assume the risks associated with participation with the event, including risk of theft, loss, or damage to property. Please do not leave your space unattended.


Breakdown will immediate follow the close of the event. No early breakdown is allowed. Authors/vendors shall be liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from failure to remove material before conclusion of dismantling period.


Authors/vendors will not be permitted to participate without full payment. All spaces purchased are non-refundable.

Assigned Area

Authors/vendors are restricted to the assigned occupied space. Use of any public address system is prohibited. Table displays are permitted as long they do not infringe or block another author/vendor.

A retractable banner stand placed behind your designated area is permitted along as it does not infringe or block another author/vendor.  Authors/vendors are required to keep their area and displays neat and orderly. KJZZ at its discretion may prohibit the conduct or activity that it deems not in the best interest of the KJZZ Arizona Storyfest. Please remember this is a family-friendly event and children will be walking by your table.

Provided to Author/Vendor

  • 8’ tables with linens will be provided. Authors may purchase a full table or half table.
  • One chair will be provided per each 4’ area.
  • WiFi will be provided.
  • Electricity is the responsibility of the author/vendor and must be purchased through the convention center.
  • No food or drink may be brought into the convention center (concessionaire has all rights).


Parking is free. Author and vendor parking is in the north parking lot.


KJZZ shall have the right to use author/vendor name, logo, or book for promotional purposes in conjunction with the KJZZ Arizona Storyfest.